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The Discovery Aquamarine Talisman is part of our Touchstones quartet and features a beautiful, hand-cut aquamarine stone wrapped in fine brass wire and emblazoned with a triangle-shaped glyph cast in warm brass, itself bedecked with a tiny Swarovski crystal. Aquamarine has been long associated with water, and those who make their way with and through it -- sailors, mermaids, sirens, explorers, healers, and mages. A stone held to have calming, soothing, cleansing properties, aquamarine has been called “the mermaid’s treasure,” and is said to help soothe anxieties, quell fears, and promote a general state of well being and tranquility. Stone cut and color may vary.

Aquamarine, Brass, Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystal

Waxing Poetic encourages you to tell your story through self-expression, wear the pieces of jewelry that hold meanings dear to your heart, do what feeds your soul and celebrate the journey.

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